• Are you fed up of looking in the mirror and not loving what you see?
  • Tried every diet out there but nothing’s given you the body you want?

Hi, my name’s Amanda. I’m a personal trainer, mother of 3 (grandma of 1) and have a secret love affair with Krispy Kreme doughnuts.I help men and women sculpt the body they want, so they look and feel fantastic.

Many people believe you have to ‘get fitter’ before working with a personal trainer but it’s simply not true. That’s like washing your car before taking it to the car wash! I’m here to help you improve your fitness and enhance your health. I want you to look in the mirror and shout ‘damn, I look good!’. Every. Single. Day. 

Unlike a lot of PT’s, I wasn’t into fitness since leaving the womb. In fact, I was rubbish at sports as a kid and avoided anything fitness related until I hit my mid 20’s. It was only when I was hit with an enormous panic attack whilst walking into a gym one day (I was terrified I didn’t know what I was doing and everyone would laugh at me) that I decided to do something about it and studied to become a PT. I wanted to help others so they wouldn’t experience that crippling fear I did when trying to get fit.

Rebellion Fitness Ltd was created in April 2012 after getting frustrated with all the nonsense and noise regarding fitness. You can't eat carbs past 6pm. You can't train at 2am. If you're more than a size 14 you're obese. Fad diets. Gimmicky workouts. Arrrrgh! It's all rubbish!

We cut through the cr*p and tell you what's really going on. We get excited when you run that little bit further, climb that little bit higher or weigh that little bit less. We don't pretend there's a quick fix or an easy way out. Rebels love sweat. We love working hard. And we love the ache after giving everything you've got session, after session, after session. Exercise should be FUN! If you hate exercise, we believe it's because you haven't found the right STYLE of exercise yet.

Rebel Warriors don't listen to those who say we can't. We rebel against those who tell us not to. We don't ask WHY, we ask WHY NOT?


  • Talk to you using language you'll understand
  • Explain and demonstrate your workouts clearly as many times as you need us to
  • Stay with you whilst you're training - All eyes on you!
  • Believe in 'Maximum Effort - Minimum Time'
  • Tell you what you NEED to hear
  • Use great bits of equipment that are chosen for their effectiveness


  • Use jargon and fitbod tech speak to make ourselves feel big and clever
  • Shout and scream at you if you do something wrong. Unless you want us to -but that'll cost you extra....
  • Give you instructions then swan off to admire our muscles in a mirror
  • Drag out your workouts or slow your progress in order to sell more sessions
  • Always tell you what you WANT to hear
  • Use a gimmicky bit of equipment just because it's the latest 'Must Have' in all the magazines


Beth Procter

I moved to MK 3 months pregnant and before pregnancy I had played field hockey and ran 10k and half marathon races. I stopped all of my exercise during pregnancy because the exercise I was doing was too high impact, certainly for the first 3 crucial months anyway. After my 3 months passed I started to train with Amanda. Each session was targeted with exercises that would keep my body active but also help build strength and techniques for the duration of the pregnancy, the birth itself and even the months that followed. Amanda is trained in pre and postal natal training and is also a mother herself so fully understands what I was experiencing. I was even able to start getting back into playing hockey again a couple of months after delivery - her training not only helped me through the pregnancy but also played a big part in my recovery. Amanda also makes sessions really interesting and informative so that I fully understand the exercise I am doing, how and what. I would really recommend her not just for pre/post natal but also general training too.

Laura Foot

Amanda really cares about you as a person and your goals. I feel so comfortable with her and trust her knowledge completely. It was important to me to find the right PT after baby no.2 who understood what my body needed to be strong and fit again. Plus, she won't bombard you with jargon. No nonsense, down to earth, honest and awesome PT!

Molly Clarke

Love Amanda at rebellion fitness. Love her style, the variety, her passion, the fact I can take my toddler along and now I can’t keep her away! Definitely recommend, you’ll get results and you won’t get bored.

Pat Rose

Before joining Rebellion Fitness, I made it to the gym once a week or so, 20 mins on the treadmill then off to McDonald’s to celebrate going to the gym! I was nervous about joining as I didn’t know if I’d be able to last the session? (Totally unfit). The reality was actually very different. Every session is tough, but achievable, if you really can’t do something there is always an alternative available.
Since joining Rebellion Fitness and gaining a better understanding of what my body needs, I am sleeping better than I have in years.

Vikki Bull

Amanda is an amazing p.t.  She pushes me when I need a push, but also makes working out fun and enjoyable.
Always using an array of equipment she has planned to use to achieve the goals we have set together.
Such a lovely lady to be around,and I'm so grateful for everything she does.

Kiel Wright


Vikki Bull

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